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As a leading wholesaler, drop shipper, distributor, and supplier of medical supplies, PhD Medical Supply has always been committed to helping the community with the best of medical devices, equipment and supplies online. We are well-prepared with our newly revamped stock to ensure the best medical supplies reach the community of health care providers, patients, and their caregivers. We are a leading medical equipment supplier, wholesaler, drop shipper, and distributor, known for maintaining an exceptional line of medical products. Our range of medical supplies include everyday essential equipment such as face masks, gowns, hand sanitizers as well as heavy duty equipment and supplies such as wheelchairs, mobility scooters, vital sign monitors, diagnostic tools, dental supplies, casting supplies, chiropractic and holistic care supplies, beds and mattresses for therapeutic care, home care essentials, slip and fall prevention products, and thousands of other products. All in all, we carry, and wholesale the widest variety of medical supplies ranging from simple blood pressure supplies to bath care and heavy-duty equipment. Phone: 323-577-8994 Website:

PhD Medical Supply

PhD Medical Supply PhD Medical Supply


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